South Oak Bay Stairway to Heaven

Wakefield designed and custom-built a set of elegant stone stairs that fit seamlessly with the existing rock landscape and connected the house to the million-dollar view at the top of the South Oak Bay property.

Wakefield was referred by a Victoria realtor to our client who wanted a set of custom stone stairs that fit seamlessly within the existing landscape and looked like they had always been there. Understanding that the real prize wasn’t the stairs themselves, but the million-dollar, near 360-degree view from the top of the stairs of the Straits of Juan de Fuca, Mount Baker, Trial Island and Oak Bay, was uppermost is our mind as we worked on this challenging 5-month project. We kept our client, who lived in the Middle East, in the loop every step of the way with regular communication over email, Skype, and with video footage of our progress. Today, our clients have easy access to their million-dollar view thanks to their ‘stairway to heaven’.